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Southeastern Pennsylvania,
Southern New Jersey and Delaware
Click on the links for comprehensive COVID-19 employer resources addressing policy, benefits considerations, workforce safety, and mental and physical health for employees and their families.

National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions - Employer Resources on COVID-19
Employee Educational Videos from the National Alliance:
COVID-19 VACCINE: Get the Facts (English) -
COVID-19 VACCINE: Get the Facts (Spanish) -
The History of Vaccines (English) -
The History of Vaccines (Spanish) -
Trusting Vaccines (English) -
Trusting Vaccines (Spanish) -

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDC - Workplaces and Business
CDC Business Guidance
CDC Case Investigation and Contact Racing Information for Employers
CDC Guidance for Businesses on Cleaning, Disinfecting & Ventilation
Community-Based Organizations COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit

Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSHA COVID Resources for Businesses

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Coronavirus and COVID-19

Employer Resources on COVID-19
Safety Procedures fir Businesses
Guidance for Businesses
Business FAQs

Employer Resources on COVID-19

New Jersey
Employer Resources on COVID-19

Philadelphia Department of Public Health
Employer Resources on COVID-19
What to Do if Someone Tests Positive for COVID-19 at Work
Additional Employer Guidance by Sector
When is it Safe for a Worker to Return after COVID-19?
Calculating Isolation and Quarantine Guidance

Chester County Health Department
Screening Guidance for Employers
Visitor Screening Form
Instructions for Symptomatic Individuals

PA Chamber of Business and Industry
Business Resources for Coronavirus

COVID-19 Return to Work: Testing and Vaccination Resources:

COVID-19 Resources from GPBCH Affiliate Benefits Advisory Organizations:Additional Resources:

The American Heart Association has several resources on COVID-19:HealthAdvocate - View the dedicated guide to help people manage their health during a pandemic, as well as a comprehensive set of return-to-work solutions designed to support employers as they and their employees prepare to transition to this next phase.

HealthWell Solutions - COVID-19 Symptom Check Flyer. To schedule a demo and learn more, visit their website. HealthWell has also put together an Employer COVID Check Resources and Symptom Checker PDF compilation for your information.

Merck - CVS Health recently published a white paper on Vaccinations During
the COVID-19 Pandemic - Why They Matter More Than Ever. Click here to access the document.

Moderna - Keeping your employees & students healthy from COVID-19

MSAA - The Coronavirus and MS: What You Need to Know

Naturally Slim - Now is the Time: Employer & Plan Sponsor Toolkit
You Have More Control than You Think -
Managing Grief -

Northeast Business Group on Health
Develop a Compelling COVID-19 Vaccine Engagement Strategy

Novo Nordisk - Diabetes, Obesity & COVID-19:Managing Obesity is More Important than Ever and What You Need to Know about Diabetes & COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccination (Click to Download)
COVID-19 Insights for Employers
Updated COVID-19 Booster One-Pager
Updated COVID-19 Booster PSA Video

Authorized COVID-19 Oral Treatments (Click to Download)
COVID-19 Insights for Employers
COVID-19 Educational Pamphlet
COVID-19 Risk Severity and Authorized Oral Antiviral Potential Eligibility Questionnaire (
COVID-19 High Risk PSA Video

The Commonwealth Fund - New Campaign Seeks to Address Black Communities’ Concerns About COVID-19 Vaccines, The Conversation: Between Us, About Us

Wellness Coaches, USA - Wellness Coaching and Nutrition Counseling via Telehealth: Visit Their Resource Center

Mental Health & Emotional Well-being
CredibleMind COVID-19 Resource Center:
Wisdom Labs COVID-19 Resource Kit:

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