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Companies turn to work-based clinics to cure health care woes
August 24, 2018, Philadelphia Business Journal
While some Philadelphia-area companies are exploring the idea of bypassing health insurers and contracting directly with providers, a few have taken a different approach. They have entered into deals with companies to operate onsite health clinics for their employees.

The Vanguard Group, the Malvern-based investment management company, opened its first “CrewCare” clinic in Malvern in 2011. CrewCare is managed by Premise Health of Brentwood, Tenn. Since that time, Vanguard opened additional clinics in North Carolina and Arizona along with a second in Chester County.

“By offering an onsite clinic service, we’re able to provide our crew members — what we call our employees — with access to quality care at a low cost—with the benefit of being on our campuses and just a short walk away,” said Vanguard spokeswoman Alyssa Thornton. “Our clinics benefit both Vanguard and our crew.… The convenient locations and short wait times make it easy for crew members to access the care that they need on their schedules.”


Clemens Food Group of Hatfield, parent company of Hatfield Quality Meats and Nick’s Saugage Co., had a company fitness center for years before deciding to explore doing something more for its workers. A three-member team that included the company’s vice president for human resources and an executive vice president toured other business to learn how they were enhancing their employees health care. They encountered a number of companies with what they considered to be "a great" fitness/wellness center or primary care facility or a comprehensive occupational health facility.

“In the end, we saw value in doing all of these with excellence, and believed they could be high value for both team members and the company,” said Craig Edsill, president of Clemens Food Group. Clemens in late 2014 opened a 25,000-square-foot family wellness center that consists of a primary care clinic, an occupational care clinic, a fitness center for working out, and a gymnasium for team sports.

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