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Advancing Healthcare Value in
Southeastern Pennsylvania,
Southern New Jersey and Delaware
Jill Hutt, VP of Member Services, GPBCH, Publishes Article in Delaware State Chamber May/June Issue
Health is Wealth - Why Employers Should Cultivate a Workplace Culture of Wellbeing
Building a workplace culture of health has been proven to positively impact employee engagement, improve health and workplace productivity, and bend the health benefits cost curve. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a culture of health is a working environment where employee health and safety is valued, supported, and promoted through worksite health and wellness programs, policies, benefits, and environmental supports.

Healthcare is a significant cost to companies—averaging $7,911 in employer-paid costs per employee in 2022 with the average premium for single coverage increasing 41% since 20121. The annual cost to employers for employee productivity losses due to illness is $575 billion in the U.S. alone2. Studies have shown that employers receive an estimated $2.30 in improved performance and productivity for every dollar saved in direct health care costs. This is reinforced by research that shows companies that score high on culture of health assessment scores (CHAS) to quantify “cultures of health” tend to have lower health care cost trends without the need to reduce benefits or shift more costs to employees3...

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